We support our customers with a full reverse logistics solution, including collection and shipping from anywhere in the world.
Our expertise covers all types of equipment including PVRs, PCs, laptops, tablets and servers, whether coming to us as returns (in or out of warranty) or superseded stock.
Every item arriving at our facility is put through rigorous diagnostic testing, utilising our unique software to identify hard drives that can be repaired to realise their full potential as valuable re-usable or re-saleable assets. All other commodities are then separated for WEEE compliant recycling or re-sale through certified downstream vendors – not only protecting the environment with the guarantee of zero landfill, ensuring optimum fiscal value is achieved for the benefit of our partners.
We then erase all data before completing the final processing of the refurbished hard drive for the next stage in its lifecycle, working in strictly controlled conditions meeting all the stringent standards required of us as a fully compliant ESD facility.