ISS is committed to working towards “zero waste” and minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

Key to achieving this we promote the following: 

  • Minimise waste by implementing efficient working practices.
  • Training our staff to raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the Company’s performance.
  • Minimise toxic emissions through the selection and use of our fleet and the source of its power requirement.
  • Actively promoting recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.
  • Sourcing and promoting products and suppliers locally (where possible) to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
  • Meeting and in some cases exceeding environmental legislation that relates to the Company.
  • Subscribed to to adopt and promote their mission to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities.
  • Achieved and maintain the principles of ISO 14001:2004 for the company’s efficient Environmental Management System.
  • Registered with and comply with the principles set down by RENE, Recycling Network Europe
  • Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) and certified as Approved Exporters and Waste Carriers with Section 40, 41 and 47 exemptions ensuring full compliance with WEEE regulations.

Raymond Logan
Chief Operating Officer