“I have always been a salesman by nature – and there can be no better job when you have such a great product to sell!  My role as ISS President takes me all over the Americas and Asian Pacific areas, consolidating established relationships and spreading the word about the benefits of the unique ISS solution to potential IT sector customers in every area covered by our network of HHD processing facilities across the region.”



“The Americas and Apac regions represent a massive potential market for ISS. We started the company in 2003 with a big idea based on our development of unique technology which, over the years, has attracted the interest of industry leading manufacturers looking for a flexible processing capability they could always rely on to meet their ever changing needs. That’s why l believe all the ingredients are there for ISS to keep growing from strength to strength in the future.” 

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“Understanding our industry and being able to call on a flexible, committed workforce prepared to work round the clock means we can process high volumes of hard drives both economically and efficiently, helping our customers significantly increase their profit margin on every recoverable asset.”

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“Our success over the past few years proves that there is still a place for the values of honesty and integrity. Our customers know they can always rely on us to deliver our promises. That’s why they stay with ISS, and why so much of our new business comes from direct referrals or word of mouth across the industry.” 

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“A young and dynamic management team, driving excellence in the sector through innovative technology in a highly efficient process driven environment, it’s all about maximising output and minimising waste. As CFO I aim to get the most out of ISS’s growth potential, increasing the company’s bottom line and that of our business partners.”

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